// MFACA Alumnus Wei Lu Winner of Best Animation in NYLA International Film Festival//

Wei Lu (MFA 2014 Computer Art) piece Run Crab Run! is the 2014 winner of Best Animation category in the New York Los Angeles International Film Festival! Run Crab Run will screen on October 26th in Hollywood, CA’s Complex Theater. Congratulations Wei!


// MFACA Alumus NaiWei Liu Officially Selected to ReAnimania Animation Festival//

NaiWei Liu (MFA 2014 Computer Art) piece Something Important is an official selection to ReAnimania - International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan. NaiWei will be competing in the Graduation Film competition. ReAnimania will be running from October 25th through the 31st in Yerevan, Armenia. Good luck NaiWei! 

// Former MFACA Faculty Presenting Their Multimedia Performance, “29 SpaceTime” at Roulette//

Former MFACA thesis group leader, Julia Heyward, and MFACA installation/physical computing instructor Perry Hoberman will present their multimedia performance piece “29 SpaceTime” for two nights at Roulette

"29 SpaceTime” is a work of Multimedia Performance Art with interactive panoramic visuals, sound, music and performance by Julia Heyward and Perry Hoberman. Part docudrama, the narrative is inspired by the beliefs and activities of the inhabitants within a circle of mountains in the Mojave Desert. These narratives are presented within a panoramic projection including planetary movements, big sky weather, predator and prey activity, military maneuvers, and a top-secret engineered world ending event. Through the telescope of collective myth and the microscope of personal revelations “29 SpaceTime” looks at aspects of surveillance, mind control, and the contradiction in the human desire to be “watched over” while practicing free will. A darkly comedic work created in the shadow of the largest marine base in the world for training soldiers for desert wars, very strange things appear in the starry sky nightly… this work asks why.

Click here to order tickets:

Friday, October 31st

Saturday, November 1st

// Zerogon - A New Short Film Made by MFACA Alumni//

Joshua Planz (MFA 2012 Computer Art) and John Mattiuzzi (MFA 2013 Computer Art) directed a new short film called Zerogon. Zerogon is about “a lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.”

imageClick the image to watch the short!

// Three MFACA Alumni Selected for the SPARK Animation 2014 Festival//

Hung-Ling Wu (MFA 2014 Computer Art) , Panop Koonwat (MFA 2014 Computer Art), and Yaya Xu (MFA 2014 Computer Art) were invited as Official Selection at the SPARK Animation 2014 Festival. Hung-Ling’s Marcescent , Panop’s Cupidiculous, and Yaya’s Mirage will screen their film to the SPARK jury, then will be in view for the public.

The Festival will run from October 22nd to 26th at the Vancouver International Film Centre in Vancouver, Canada. 


// MFACA Alumnus’s Documentary Screening in Upcoming Festivals//

Beyza Boyacioglu (MFACA 2012 Computer Art) co-directed a documentary called Toñita's and it is screening in several upcoming festivals in Mexico, New Orleans, New York and Brooklyn!

Toñita’s is a portrait of the last Puerto Rican social club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The short film dives into Caribbean Club which keeps a dissolving urban culture that once coined the term Nuyorican. Devoted to sustain the club “until she falls”, the owner and community matriarch Maria Toñita resists to be devoured by the growth machine.

Upcoming screenings of Toñita’s:

Bushwick Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Sunday, October 5 at 2pm at Radio Bushwick
Corto Circuito, New York, NY
Saturday, October 11 at 7.30pm at NYU
Morelia International Film FestivalMorelia, Mexico
Saturday, October 18, hour TBA, Cinepolis Centro Sala 1
Sunday, October 19, hour TBA, Cinepolis Centro Sala 1
MondayOctober 20, hour TBA, Las Americas Sala 4
TuesdayOctober 21, hour TBA, Casa Natal
New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, LA
Sunday, October 19, at 3:45 p.m. at the Theatres at Canal Place
Thursday, October 23, at 3:30 p.m. at the Theatres at Canal Place
International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, New York, NY
Screening Dates TBA (November)


// "The Boxtrolls" Screening at SVA//

We were very excited about the September 25th screening of “The Boxtrolls” hosted by SVA’s Career Development. We even got to meet the directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi!

(L-R) Jose Vargas (Senior Systems Administrator at SVA MFACA), Hsiang Chin Moe (Director of Operations at SVA MFACA), Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi (Directors of the Boxtrolls), Angie Wojak (Director of SVA’s Career Development), and Joan MaCabe (Director of Operations at SVA MFA Visual Narrative)

// After School Special 2014: SVA’s Alumni Film and Animation Festival//

On September 20th, SVA hosted our very first Alumni Film and Animation Festival. It was a successful event that included the screening of short films, commercials, and music videos created by MFACA alumni. The event was followed by a Q&A moderated by current MFACA student Jen Hurler (MFA 2015 Computer Art) with the filmmakers/animators:  Kun-I Chang (MFA 2007 Computer Art), Nathan Freise (MFA 2009 Computer Art), Shiouwen Hong (MFA 2009 Computer Art), Q-hyun Kim (MFA 2012 Computer Art), ChuChi Lin (MFA 2010 Computer Art), John Mattiuzzi (MFA 2012 Computer Art), Joshua Planz (MFA 2013 Computer Art), and Taili Wu (MFA 2009 Computer Art).  Included in the screening was the world premiere of Zerogon, the newest short film by Student Academy Award-winner John Mattiuzzi and Joshua Planz. 

Special thanks to Adam Natale, Director of SVA Theatre!


// MFACA Alumni Featured on Microsoft’s Channel 9//

Kurt Young (MFA 2013 Computer Art), the founder and creative director of Mokuni Games was featured on Channel 9, a blog that showcase videos of people behind the scenes building products at Microsoft. A few other MFACA alumni were featured in this video: Jeffrey Chan (MFA 2012 Computer Art), Shuren Hao (MFA 2014 Computer Art), Xuan Li (MFA 2013 Computer Art), and Kevin Chen (MFA 2013 Computer Art). Mokuni Games are developing games for Windows Phone with the help of Microsoft BizSpark. Watch the video here.


// MFACA Were Vicitorious at the 12th Annual MetroCAF!//

The 12th annual Metropolitan College Computer Animation Festival — MetroCAF, screened it’s accepted entries on September 19th.  Out of 30 selected animations, 11 were from our MFACA department! Congratulations to MFACA ‘14 alumni, NaiWei Liu (Something Important) and Panop Koonwat (Cupidiculous) for both receiving Jury Awards.

Among the highly represented SVA accepted entries in our department were: Wendi Wu & Wenting Wu (Cocodile), Hongbo Wang (Infinite Loop), Yaya Xu (Mirage), Hung Ling Wu (Marcescent), Xingjian Wu (Rock Got Cancer), Mengyi Xu & Long Li (Zuzum1), Wei Lu (Run Crab Run!), Hui Chi Chuang (Across the Light), and Meng Chwen Tien, Michael Bourbeau & Allison Botkin (Treasure Nest). Congratulations to SVA BFACA Nick Tustin for also winning a Jury Award!



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