// Blue Flower/Flor Azul by MFACA Faculty Federico Muelas is Featured on CODAmagazine Techonology + Art//

Federico Muelas is a new media artist and is also a faculty at SVA MFA Computer Art Department. In 2008, he was commissioned to create a permanent Public Art installation for the University of New Mexico. “Blue Flower/Flor Azul” is now featured on the CODAmagazine Technology + Art. Please see here for the article by signing in your Flipbook account.

(Photo by Federico Muelas)

(Photo by Federico Muelas)

// "The Animal is Absent" by Harsha Biswajit is featured on The Creators Project//

Harsha Biswajit (MFA 2014 Computer Art) will be graduating this May. His thesis project, The Animal is Absent, is featured on The Creators Project. To see the post, please visit the link. This project will be part of SVA MFA Computer Art 2014 Thesis Exhibition, ZERO:ONE, exhibition. The exhibition will be on view from May 28 to June 7 at SVA Chelsea Gallery. The reception will take place on Thursday, May 29, 6-8pm. Come check it out!

// MFACA Alumnus Kamil Nawratil’s “Perception of Consequence” in SIGGRAPH Asia 2013//

Kamil Nawratil (MFA 2013 Computer Art)’s thesis “Perception of Consequence” will be exhibiting at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Art Gallery. The exhibition will be held in Hong Kong on November 20-28. 

This multi-dimensional project represents the idea of consequence and constraints of motion set by the rules of physics. Two fluid-evolving forms are placed in a reversible entropic system and simulated to resemble evolving human states and emotions. The system itself evolves from organic form into chaos, but its cyclical nature pushes the system towards rebirth. Situated against a 15’ fabricated wall and within a tangible environment, control-activated whirlwinds encapsulate viewers as if like being part of the system itself. Exploiting both your visual, auditory and touch sensory systems, Perception of Consequence will guide you through the experience of transformation and evolution. Video of the project can be viewed on MFACA Vimeo. You can also check out his other works at Volvoxlabs.

For more information, please visit SIGGRAPH Asia 2013’s official website here.

// 10 MFACA Alumni are selected as 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists//

Congratulations! 10 MFACA alumni are selected as 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists this year.


Keys (2013) by Wendy Pei-Wen Su is a motion graphics animation about letting go and moving beyond a stubbornness that can sometimes be deadly and destructive. Through simple illustrations created with bold areas of color and presented in a hybrid 3D space, Su draws her audience into a playful and charming world as she delivers her emotional message. (Animation Category)


In the End, I Understood (2013) by Min Liu is a 2D hand-drawn rotoscoped animation, which poetically conveys the filmmaker’s emotional response to the loss of her friend to cancer. Composed from live footage, which is overlaid with frame-by-frame drawings to create an ink-like visual effect, the film seeks to share with a larger audience the complex range of sentiments that we all feel when confronted with death — surprise, sadness and a profound re-evaluation of life itself.  (Animation Category)


Xun Wang’s “IRON HANS" (2013) adapts traditional animation techniques to retell Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, which transport the viewer to Xun’s childhood bedroom when she would listen to books on tapes with her mind drifting between reality and dreams. Here is the blog for this project: http://ironhans.wordpress.com (Animation Category)


Beyoutiful by Hsin Pei Liu (2012) is a hybrid 2.5D animation, which explores gender identity and our society’s need to always categorize one’s gender as either male or female. By using a playful color palette and paper constructions built in After Effects, Liu tackles a serious subject in a disarming way, and opens a dialogue without forcing a narrow view on gender. (Animation Category)


Joonsung Lee's An Endorphin Generator (2013) is web application that generates random Christmas patterns with chosen sound. It is based in the processing language as well as using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and WEBGL. This app will present the experience of patterns in which respond to manipulation of interactive canvas. The interactivity will attempt to give the participants an endorphin rush similar to that experienced at Christmas. There are three main components: patterns, colors and sounds. The patterns in this project came from winter related theme, ‘Norwegian’ and ‘Fair Isle’ which combines repetitive geometric shapes, snowflakes and reindeers. Each module of sections is nested by code. Once all the components are selected, it shows Christmas patterns depending on the number of cases randomly. The resulting page is programmed so that it is possible to access different gestures of sketches with the same contents, enabling users to face several visual patterns. You can check out the website here. (Installation Category)


John Mattiuzzi’s “The Compositor" (2012) has won Alternative Category Bronze Medal at 40th Student Academy Awards. The film is a neo-magico-surreal-autobiographical-futuristic-contemporary-psychological-experimental-coming-of-age-in-a-dark-comedy-fantasy-film that follows Paul, a New York City digital film compositor, struggling to decode his mind-body existence. While confronting the daily digital realities that he creates, Paul begins to submerge into the illusions that he is sworn to uphold. For information about “The Compositor" you can find out from the film official website, facebook and John Mattiuzzi’s twitter. (Editing and Post Production Category)


Tri-anquil (2013) by Jin Ah Kim is a 3d video mapping projection based on motion graphics inspired by nature and deeply rooted to sound. The synergy of lights, fragmented symbols within Kim’s surreal dreamlike environment surround the viewer as they pulsate to ‘It Is You And Me’ by Smacksoft. Kim’s message is powerful, yet her method is deceptively simple. (Editing and Post Production, Installation Design & Motion Graphics Categories)


KKOOM (2013) by Jain Lee is a short abstracted 3D motion graphic work, whose title translates as “dream” in Korean. Based on Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, it is a story about dreams and hopes as experienced through a “between” space that Lee calls “digilog”. It is a realm where the digital and analog are united and thus transformed as she shares a journey that delivers deep reflections through visual pleasure. (Editing and Post Production, Animation & Motion Graphics Categories)

Alicia Martin's Reminiscence (2013) is a mixed media mural installation that combines digital and oil painting techniques with video projection in order to play with the dimensionality of the flat image. Shown through the form of a surreal dreamscape, the installation alters light and space within the image to recreate a sense of ‘inbetweenness’ and explore the eternal conflict between our rational and primitive selves. The painting depicts a mysterious interior space populated with biomorphic hybrid forms coexisting in uneasy balance.


(Rêve) olution (2013) by Rodrigo Olivar is a film based triptych installation that tells the story of a ludic/dreamy world with no rules, language nor pre-fixed ideas. Shown through the instinctive actions of a blissfully absorbed dancer, a passionate couple, and three playful kids, this world evolves into chaos and is ultimately condemned by “reason”. Through visceral soundscapes and alluring imagery, Olivar encourages an experiential focus that pushes the viewer’s emotional limits. (Editing and Post Production Category)

For more information, please check out Adobe’s website here.

// MFA Computer Art Open Studios//

The creative work encompasses a wide range of media including video, animation, audio, interactive installations & media, digital sculpture and physical computing. “As digital art evolves, the line between it and contemporary art is disappearing. We see it simply as artists using digital techniques to express their creativity.” states department chair Bruce Wands.

Exhibiting Artists
Meng Chih Chiang
Ga Hyun Kim
Joonsung Lee
Alicia Martin
Kamil Nawratil
David Rhoderick
Xun Wang
David Woo
Zhongyuan Zyia Zhang

// 5 MFACA Students Receiving SVA 2013 Alumni Awards!//

We would like to share a wonderful news with everyone that 5 of MFACA graduating students are receiving SVA 2013 Alumni Awards this year. The artists include: Min Liu, David Rhoderick, Xun Wang, David Woo and Zhongyuan Zyia Zhang. We are so very proud of every one of you. Below are their Thesis projects:

Min Liu - In the end, I realized… (working title)

This rotoscoping animation reveals Min’s perception of death based on her personal life experience of losing a friend to colon cancer. Min hopes to express death is not as fearsome as it may seem. We shall take it as part of life.

David Rhoderick - Exaptation 1

Exaptation 1 is an exploration of the use of tropisms in plants to convey an expression and message.  By creating a numerically controlled environment, a plant will be documented responding to light and watering in its hybrid existence of natural growth and information expression.

Xun Wang - IRON HANS

IRON HANS adapts traditional animation techniques to retell Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, which transport the viewer to Xun’s childhood bedroom when she would listen to books on tapes with her mind drifting between reality and dreams. Here is the blog for this project: http://ironhans.wordpress.com

David Woo - Unhappy Day Part 2

The most recent project, the Unhappy Day part 2 is an expansion of David’s previous video installation. It’s based on his experience being punished in Korean schools. Three sculptures, head, hand, and body, represent emotional destruction, gestural distortion, and physical injury. Each sculpture embeds one or more monitors that displays corresponding themes with motion reactive graphics.

Zhongyuan Zyia Zhang - Light Confusion

Light Confusion is a room-sized immersive installation. With LED lights and fluorescent acrylic panels moving around the space, audiences are guided into a surreal world to feel the existence of “FAKE”, like being lost in a daydreamy world.

Stay tune… we will announce our Thesis Presentation date/time so you can come check out their finished works. To see the complete list of award recipients, please visit the SVA Alumni Society website.

// Jonathan Brainin’s Kinetic Video Installation//

Congratulations to Jonathan Brainin, a current MFACA student, making appearance on both Make Magazine & Gizmodo about his Thesis project, a kinect video installation.You can click on the photos below to view the actual posts.

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