// MFA Computer Art Thesis Presentations//


The School of Visual Arts (SVA) and the MFA Computer Art Department will host the MFA Computer Art 2013 Thesis Presentations. The event will be held over two days at the SVA Theatre and will include short talks and videos of graduating students’ work. Thursday presentations will highlight fine art and motion graphics. Friday night will feature 3D animation. Both events will be streaming live at new.livestream.com/MFAComputerArt/Thesis2013.
The presentations showcase our graduates’ approaches to different themes and modes of creative self-expression in the digital arts. Over 50 thesis projects incorporate a variety of media, materials and cutting-edge technologies that address a range of topics, including a 2D hand-drawn rotoscoping animation, which poetically conveys the filmmaker’s emotional response to the loss of her friend to cancer by motion graphic artist, Min Liu; an exploration of mixed media mural installation that combines traditional oil painting with new technologies that adds dimensionality to the flat image by digital fine artist, Alicia Martin; and a traditional hand-drawn animated short inspired by the stylistically unique animated works of the 1950’s and 1960’s UPA (United Productions of America) animation studio from animator, Kat Padua. The presenting artists also made use of different programming languages, digital fabrication methods, artificial intelligence, computer vision and human-computer interaction – as well as traditional art production methods to realize their creations. Linear video works include single and multi-channel installations exploring both narrative and abstract expression through 3D animation, motion graphics and traditional animation. Department chair Bruce Wands comments that, “We place a strong emphasis on creativity and personal vision. This is essential in the development of an artist. As SVA’s only graduate multidisciplinary department, our students have a broad palette of courses and a state of the art facility within which any idea in the digital and contemporary art realm can be realized.”

// SVA Alumni Awards - Stephanie Andreou and John Mattiuzzi//

Each year The Alumni Society of SVA awards scholarship funding to BFA and MFA students in their final year in support the completion of their thesis projects. This year, congratulations to Stephanie Andreou and John Mattiuzzi! They are both 2012 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award recipients. To find out more about their Thesis projects, you can click the photos below to visit Stephanie’s thesis production blog and John’s KickStarter page.

Again, congratulations!!!

// Jonathan Brainin’s Kinetic Video Installation//

Congratulations to Jonathan Brainin, a current MFACA student, making appearance on both Make Magazine & Gizmodo about his Thesis project, a kinect video installation.You can click on the photos below to view the actual posts.

The MFA Computer Art Department emphasizes creativity and a multidisciplinary approach to making art with computers and emerging technologies.